Steve’s Weekend – #44 2014

I am shit house at journaling. I’ve made several attempts over the years to start it off, but most have just petered out without ever amounting to much. So here’s another attempt. Lately I have had such huge weekends, I thought it would be good to start with recording what I get up to.

This weekend it was Bucks party, Touch Football and Planting.

Tom demonstrating responsible 4WDriving.

Luke’s Short Notice Bucks.

The itinerary for this event was something along the lines of Lunch at a pub, a bit of 4WDriving then settle in for a BBQ and beers.

We met at Luke’s place before heading, my first time in a Jeep, out to Lunch at the Dayboro Hotel. A couple of schooners of New and a Steak, Bacon and Egg Burger and we were ready to hit the tracks.

It was dry and dusty, and not as challenging as it could have been, but a good time out. A short video of one of the better hills.

A few beers and a BBQ back at the Grange topped of a good day out. Hope you enjoyed it Luke, might be your last fun day ever…

Sunday was a planting day as we finally got some trees into the back yard . It was tough digging but I’m sure you’ll agree, the results were worth it.

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