Steve’s Weekend – #45 2014

This weekend, two main things happened.

First, I started cramming for the upcoming Kingscliff triathlon. This tri is going to be the longest I’ve ever done. It’s an Olympic distance, meaning a 1500m swim, 40klm ride and a 10klm run. I’ve never been much of a runner, 10klm is the longest I’ve ever run, and that’s not with a swim and ride before it. I tend to take to tri training in a similar way to my approach to my studies.

I cram.

This weekend the cramming began. I did a 20klm ride/8klm run brick on the Saturday and followed that up with a 1.5klm swim. The results are, as I type this, I hurt. I’m happy I got the full swim done, which is something lunch time training doesn’t give me the opportunity to do. But I also know I need to get more K’s into the legs.

2014-11-09 02.15.19 cropIt was also an important moment for the Mancave. It made it’s test debut and got a win! Australia getting up over Wales 33-28, though a contentious kick at the end made it a nail biter.

Google+ also put together a story from the photos I took this weekend. Have a gander